Ingredients and resources found throughout New Zealand’s beautiful landscape have inspired us to create natural skincare solutions of exceptional quality and purity.

The geoskincare range contains natural minerals found only in New Zealand geothermal regions, along with essential oils and pure extracts that improve overall skin health. We guarantee that we’ll never use potentially dangerous chemicals or genetically modified ingredients in any of our products.

 Rotorua volcanic mud

Rotorua has one of the liveliest fields of geothermal activity in the world. a volcanic eruption tens of thousands of years ago formed one of the world’s top ten boiling mud lakes, which contains precious volcanic mud.

new zealand geothermal volcanic mud has a high mineral content and many beneficial properties for the human body. it contains 37 trace mineral elements. it helps control oil, is deep cleansing and wonderful for tightening pores. for hundreds of years maori have used the volcanic mud of rotorua to treat skin problems. 

manuka bee venom

The manuka flower is a unique camellia that grows in the south island of new zealand. venom from bees that feed off these flowers is renowned for its ability to create a younger-looking complexion by stimulating the skin to encourage collagen and elastin production.

southern alps edelweiss

extending along much of the length of new zealand’s south island, the southern alps boast the highest mountains in the southern hemisphere. these snow-topped mountains form pure glacier lakes that feed the pastures at the foot of the mountains.It’s here, in the mineral rich soils that rose damask, edelweiss and lady’s mantle grow.

 antarctic seaweed

the southern end of new zealand’s south island is close to the antarctic circle, and surrounded by one of the most unpolluted oceans in the world. It’s in this pristine ocean that precious purple seaweed grows. containing over 60 trace mineral elements, its amino acid content is ten times more than common algae.