new zealand is a little piece of paradise tucked away in the southwestern pacific ocean. new zealand is also known by its maori name aotearoa.when translated into english, aotearoa means “land of the long white cloud”. eighty per cent of the plants and trees growing in the wild are only found in new zealand’s ecological paradise.

new zealand is located on the pacific rim. this island nation uses the earth's heat to generate about 13percent of its electricity. geothermal power has a lot of advantages, it’s renewable and environmentally friendly.

“geo” is the abbreviation for “geothermal”, geo means earth and thermal means volcanic heating. geoskincare contains minerals sourced from new zealand’s geothermal areas and natural vitamin-rich plant extracts. these pure ingredients help to create a radiant, beautiful complexion.

          geothermal + skincare = geoskincare

 a pure environment can produce products of exceptional quality.

 [SG1]This should be 13 percent not 80