frequently asked questions

are geoskincare products suitable for sensitive skin?
geoskincare has been formulated using only natural minerals, pure extracts and natural oils. these ingredients not only help to soothe sensitive or inflamed skin but can often assist in reducing skin sensitivity.
are geoskincare products anti ageing?
geoskincare utilises organic and pure oils which have a minute molecular structure that penetrates through the skin into the bloodstream – these oils and extracts help to strengthen and support the body and skin from within.
are geoskincare products safe to use during pregnancy?
geoskincare products only use natural and organic ingredients which are safe. however, we recommend consulting a physician first.
are geoskincare products suitable for people with allergies?
the geoskincare system uses a variety of natural and organic ingredients. if customers have specific allergies, it is advisable for them to do a patch test first or consult with a physician.
will my skin break out when I start using geoskincare?
natural skin and body products help the skin return to it’s natural balanced state. the pure organic ingredients encourage the skin to clear and detoxify the skin and during this transitioning period you may experience symptoms including break outs and general sensitivity. as the general health of the skin improves these symptoms should subside. as with all products both chemical and natural, there may be customers who are sensitive or allergic to plant based ingredients or a specific ingredient. we recommend customers using new products do a patch test before using the product, this often will indicate if they are sensitive to a particular ingredient.
why have you included geothermal minerals in your skincare products?
nz geothermal silica contains a unique combination of minerals that support and assist the skin and body’s natural equilibrium. including minerals in our skincare products supports our commitment to total wellness.
do your products have a preservative and what is their shelf life?
geoskincare products use a natural preservative which is approved for certified organic products. the recommended shelf life is 24 months and products should be used 6 months after opening.
where are the geoskincare products made?
the nzskincare company has their own manufacturing factory, based in hamilton, new zealand.
where are geoskincare products retailed?
geoskincare products are available in selected pharmacies, beauty salons and healthy living stores in new zealand and in selected stockists around the world.