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It's so great to hear from people who love geoskincare as much as we do!

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jamie, 20

skin type: combination
i love the hydra gel as it gives me the right amount of moisture without being greasy. it is also great under makeup like a primer. i also used to suffer from mild acne which the hydra gel soothed and it’s also good for sunburn.


philippa, 33

skin type: normal
my skin can be prone to acne and when it’s not looking its best i absolutely love using hydra gel because it’s not heavy or greasy. it’s so refreshing and instantly feels like it’s helping. it’s like a detox for your skin! i use it as a moisturiser in the warmer months and it’s all i need.


gill, 60

skin type: mature
i love using geoskincare products, knowing that i am not putting anything harmful into my skin. the hydra gel is a great daily moisturiser for me and i use the night repair cream at bedtime to give my “mature” skin an extra boost.  both products absorb beautifully into my skin and make it feel really smooth and soft and never greasy.


david, 18

skin type: combination
i absolutely adore the avocado and grapeseed masque, it is so gentle and sensitive and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. i also like the daily cleansing cream – it is just the perfect cleanser, it’s light and leaves my skin feeling so clean and refreshed. i love the entire range mainly because it's the first range to actually work with my skin! my skin has never felt so clean and soft.


renee, 23

skin type: normal/combination
i use the daily cleansing gel everyday (amazing), the manuka honey masque twice a week and the light moisturiser everyday - these are my favorite products!!  geoskincare products have made a huge improvement to my skin and i would not go back to using any other skincare brands. highly recommend -  thanks for a great product!!

Renee Young

christine, late 40's

skin type: dry
my beauty therapist introduced me to geoskincare 6 months ago and now i'm completely sold. the smell of the products just captured me. i have used elizabeth arden for years and years and have recently bought the whole range. the products suit my skin perfectly and i'm now wishing i had discovered geoskincare years ago. so instead of feeling years younger every 6 weeks, i now have the luxury of using the products at home as well.  i know you market the natural side of the product however i love the luxury of geoskincare.........keep up the great work. i love it.

renee, 32

skin type: oily/combination
many years of working in hot industrial kitchens has done my complexion no favours, at 32 my skin was congested and showing signs of aging. i'm no stranger when it comes to skincare products - if it's out there it's likely that i've tried it and have spent thousands of dollars along the way trying to find the right balance between anti aging and acne control - anyone who is or has suffered from both wrinkles and pimples will know this can be a total nightmare!! i was lucky enough to be introduced to geoskincare via a girlfriend, she'd been using the product as well and looked fantastic.  i've started with the manuka honey masque, the light moisturiser and the night repair cream and have been getting compliments on my skin for the first time in years!! my skin is firmer; less congested and has a healthy glow. the products are also animal friendly, 100% natural and organic and smell fabulous so i feel good using them too.

Renee Kruger

jane, 34

skin type: sensitive
i have been on roaccutane for acne, which dried out my skin completely, and has made it extremely sensitive, what i really love about the geoskincare products is that they are completely natural, and i can trust that there is nothing chemical that is going to react. the hydra gel especially has been fantastic for getting the moisture back into my skin, it is silky smooth and soaks in straight away. i am really enjoying using the delicate exfoliator, its rich and creamy, but has gentle little beads which feel gorgeous on my skin.  i have always used an exfoliator, but what has worried me in the past was that the beads were plastic, and end up in our oceans.  what i love about the geoskincare beads are that they are jojoba beads which eventually disolve and do not disturb our ocean and marine life. i love the daily cleansing cream, its rich enough for my dry skin, and removes all my makeup, and does not leave my skin feeling tight or dry.

Jane Testimonial

lacey, 24

skin type: combination
i recently purchased the light moisturiser. i have tried lots of organic products in the past and they all have lovely write ups however i didn't find the results delivered. my beautician recommended this range and i decided to give it a go. i have to say i have been highly impressed with this moisturiser its super light weight easily soaks into the skin and i can see a real difference as its calmed down some redness and i don’t have to wait so long for it to dry before being able to apply my mineral foundation on top.


Lacey Testimonial

kerrina, 38

skin type: combination
i have only been using geoskincare for a couple of months, but i’m in love with the hydra gel.  my skin feels so fresh and uplifted after applying i just want to keep putting more on!!  which, because it’s all-natural, i could do if i felt so inclined!  i am also a big fan of the avocado & grapeseed masque – very nice. thanks for great organic products.

Kerrina Testimonial